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A simple, yet powerful way to stand in solidarity with your Muslim neighbor as an ally for justice & pluralism

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We are just a group of Americans who want to stand by our values, including the right to pray and walk down the street without fear. If you add your name to our email list, we won't spam you, but we will share opportunities to organize or support local American Muslim communities.

Just about every time a Muslim speaks on the importance of solidarity and unity, they're faced with a question from friends and allies, "How can we show that we stand with you?" Out of this necessity, the green heart as a symbol of solidarity was born. During these trying times, many Muslims - especially those with intersecting minority identities - are faced with daily microagressions and even assault, and sometimes we feel alone. Others want to help, but they don't know how.

A symbol is not a solution to the problem. Real life interactions, solidarity in movements among peoples who face discrimination and profiling, and allyship is the solution. But in acknowledging the power of social media, we hope that a movement of green emojis and hashtags will start conversations, build solidarity, and most importantly, encourage people to stand up and speak out when they witness an injustice. It may seem naïve to think a green heart will stop an assault from happening, but every movement has a symbol.

So here is the answer our allies have been waiting for. Share the green heart emoji to show that you stand with your Muslim friends and neighbors. But this is not just about Muslims. This is about a movement of people who stand against injustice - wherever they may find it. It is our hope that a sea of green hearts will give people the courage to stand for justice.

Sign your name if you stand in solidarity with your Muslim neighbors, and to pledge to stand against oppression of all people.

#IStandWithMuslims 💚

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